Wood pellets

Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel that is manufactured from renewable energy resources. Wood pellets are an absolutely clean, natural product that does not contain hazardous additives.

Sawdust briquettes

Sawdust briquettes are an effective and ecological type of solid fuel, with a considerably higher calorific value than that of firewood. Briquettes are a suitable fuel for modern central heating boiler, firewood stove, as well as a fireplace or a countryside stove.


Malka izsenis bijusi, ir un būs viens no iecienītākajiem cietā kurināmā veidiem. Kurināšanai apkures ierīcēs lielākoties izmanto lapu koku cietkoksni, skuju koku malka tiek izmantota daudz retāk, jo, degot tā dzirksteļo un izdala lielāku sodrēju un darvas daudzumu. Kvalitatīva malka ir labi izžāvēta, tā ir sausa, bet nav pārkaltusi.

Frequently asked questions

This depends on the type of packaging. Standard packaging is 70 bags on a palette. 
15 kg x 70 = 1,050 kg

The minimum amount of an order is 23 pallets. 

No. We deliver our product directly from the manufacturing plant to the address selected by the customer. 
(Product is not stored at warehouses.)

The calorific value of wood pellets ranges from 3,900 to 4,800 kcal/kg

Wood pellets burn almost completely, only a small amount of ash is left - less than 0.7%

SIA Baltic Wood Trade co-operates with the largest pellet and briquette manufacturers in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania.

All wood pellet products are ENplus® certified, as well as some products have the FSC® certificate. 

You may view the delivery costs by filling out the order form on our online store and indicating the exact delivery address.

Delivery within 10-14 days. 

Yes, but the access road must be sufficient for accepting a heavy truck.

Currently we do not provide such service. Only unloading of the products from the vehicle is available.

We inform the customer of the date of delivery and approximate time of delivery approximately 1-2 days before the planned delivery.