SIA Baltic Wood Trade implements deliveries in co-operation with the best partners specialising in logistics throughout Europe. We provide product deliveries from the production facility to the customer’s address. We inform our customers of the planned times of delivery and, in accordance with mutual agreement, ensure quick and high-quality unloading of the products. We offer various options for product packaging in accordance with the needs of our customers.

For more detail on the delivery of products in Latvia, visit our online store.

Wood pellets and briquettes are packaged on the following standard palettes:

80×120 and 80×115 – single use pallets;

80×120 (EPAL) – certified Euro pallets;

90×110 and 95×115 – single use pallets;

Types of cargo delivery:

By a cargo truck - from 1 to 24.15 tonnes;

By a ship container - from 25 to 28 tonnes;

Combined type of delivery - truck + train - from 23.1 to 27 tonnes.

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Excellent quality

SIA Baltic Wood Trade company is certified with ENplus® A1/A2 and according to FSC® and PEFC™ supply chain standards