Firewood has always been, is and will remain one of the most popular solid fuels. To prepare for the heating season, firewood delivery should be planned in a timely manner. It should also be noted that firewood will cost significantly more in winter than in summer.

Deciduous hardwood is the most commonly used fuel for heating appliances, while coniferous firewood is used much less often because it sparks when it burns and produces higher levels of soot and tar. When choosing firewood, you need to know the purpose of using the wood – whether it is intended for a fireplace, a traditional oven, a solid fuel boiler, a sauna or a stove. Each species of tree burns differently and, accordingly, also differs in its heat output and the amount of smoke, soot and ash it produces.

It is important to know that good quality firewood is well dried; it is dry but not over-dried. The firewood should have a low moisture content of 12-17%. Over-dried firewood burns quickly, and the heated room will lose heat quickly, while firewood with high moisture content, wet or raw firewood burns badly, smokes, produces soot, damages the furnace and chimney and has a low heat output.

Firewood with delivery is the most convenient way to stock up on firewood in time for the upcoming heating season. Depending on the size of the order, firewood is delivered using appropriate trucks and unloading equipment.

The benefits of firewood delivery are the following:

  • no need to prepare the firewood: firewood with delivery means that the fuel will be ready to use – it will be dried, sawn and split;
  • the possibility to order firewood logs in the size you need;
  • delivery of firewood of a specific tree species;
  • firewood with delivery gives you the possibility for the firewood to be delivered in boxes of three different sizes (0.8 m3, 1 m3, 1.6 m3);
  • delivery of firewood at the customer’s desired location;
  • firewood is delivered to customers all year round, regardless of the season;
  • firewood delivery is available in all regions of Latvia.
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